About Isla Navidad

Isla Navidad is a sophisticated project on an exceptional enclave between the Pacific Ocean and the Navidad lagoon

In 1535, the Spanish captain Juan Fernandez de Hijar made an extraordinary discovery on the Pacific coast: a natural harbor endowed with stunning beauty.

Five years later, viceroy Antonio de Mendoza named it Puerto de la Navidad.

Today, the pristine natural environment has been enhanced by a bewitching resort community.


In a class by itself, Isla Navidad is a sophisticated project on an exceptional enclave between the Pacific Ocean and the Navidad lagoon.

Conceived as an international destination, featuring the Grand Bay Hotel in addition to estate lots, villas and condominiums the property’s 1,235 acres features a 27-hole golf course and two marinas, Isla Navidad is a true heaven on earth where reefs, cliffs and golden beaches combine with big touristic developments, a golf course in front of the sea, a peaceful lagoon and a small seascape. This place is ideal to relax, far from the noise and the constant hustle of the big cities. The climate cannot be better, maintaining a warm temperature of 25°C for the most part of the year with some rain between July and October.

Do not miss the boat rides through the lagoon or the sea.  Try the delicious “piñadas” that consist of grenadine with lemon juice, salt, chili and cut pineapple, it will seduce you just looking at it. The compulsive buyers will find Isla Navidad a paradise with all types of crafts, silver jewels and souvenirs. To eat there are rustic restaurants serving typical cuisine such as spicy prawns, large oysters and fish “a la tall”. If you like golf you will be amazed by the 27 holes camp of the Hotel Grand Bay, considered among the best in Mexico which is located on the Peninsula de La Culebra.

Isla Navidad is located in front of the Jalisco town of Barra de Navidad, exactly on the Peninsula de La Culebra in the state of Colima, 225 kilometers to the south of Puerto Vallarta and 280 kilometers from Guadalajara, which is why you can also arrive through the international airport of this city. The easiest way to arrive wherever you part from is by air to the Manzanillo International Airport, Playa de Oro, only 20 minutes away from Barra de Navidad in taxi. If you want to arrive through Colima, there is a good network of highways that are communicated with other cities such as Colima-Guadalajara, Manzanillo-Barra de Navidad and Colima-Morelia, apart from the internal roads of Colima-Manzanillo, Colima-Armeria and Colima-Tecoman.

Experience the privileged lifestyle of this getaway nestled in the privacy of an island.


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