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La Punta is Mexico's best kept secret, a quiet, 24-hour secured gated resort community nested at the tip of a rocky peninsula jutting into the Pacific Ocean.

Guests and residents of La Punta, which means “the Point” in English, enjoy unparalleled and majestic ocean views as well as total privacy in this beautiful, exclusive neighborhood, which is considered one of the most successful planned luxury developments in Mexico.

This exclusive gated community located at the tip of the Santiago Peninsula is devoted exclusively to a limited number of estates chosen for their unique view and appropriateness to the natural  surroundings.  Natural indeed, for most of the land here will remain as it is to provide a beautiful habitat for the birds and flowers.  Nearly three fourths of the total area will remain as a natural reserve.

Controlled access to La Punta guarantees maximum privacy and security.  A typical resort estate averages 10,000 square feet with utilities in place, out of sight, underground.  Because La Punta is so unique, Mexico’s leading architects were selected to create residences that incorporate taste with the beauty of the location.

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The construction standards of this unique homes include the finest techniques found anywhere in the world, all developed with a sense of harmony to this beautiful setting.

Imagine waking to a magnificent sunrise over gently rolling hills and ending the day as the sun slides into the ocean, lighting up the sky in a spectacular sunset.

This is daily life in La Punta, Mexico’s premier gated community. Meet friends at the private beach club, set in a lovely cove with wide creamy sands framed by rocky outcroppings that provide ideal venues for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. Stroll the winding cobblestone laneways lined with tropical shrubbery, blooming flowers and shady palm trees that open onto stunning vistas from all angles of the peninsula  La Punta is more than an exclusive gated neighborhood, it is a community of people who share similar tastes, values, appreciation for the finer things in life and of course, a love for Mexico. This passionate spirit reflects in the warm and caring attitude of the residents, both year-round and part time. Newcomers are welcomed with open arms and brought into the fold of the La Punta community.




Evening cocktails are common as are impromptu dinner parties under the stars. For guests and homeowners who value privacy, La Punta friendliness never extends beyond closed doors and respect for others’ solitude and peace is always held high.

La Punta offers a variety of activities for residents and Manzanillo and its surrounding area have a plethora of historic, cultural and outdoor-oriented activities to keep you intrigued, active and entertained during your entire stay.

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Manzanillo enjoys a preferred year-round temperature and climate that rivals the Hawaiian Islands which lie at the same latitude.

Sunny, warm and temperate for the majority of the year, the area boasts thick jungle and tropical flora, hilly topography interspersed  with wet mangrove estuaries and lagoons, and a pleasant day time high of around 80 Fahrenheit (27 Celsius) that dips to mid 70s Fahrenheit (20 Celsius) in the evenings during the winter months. During this time, the microclimate turns desert-like and giant cacti emerge along side the highway and in the hilly regions of Colima state.

From July to mid October, the tropical rainy season brings showers that turn the surrounding vegetation green and also herald the hot and steamy season with the mercury soaring more than 80 Fahrenheit (30 Celsius). However, the ocean temperatures are incomparably warm – like swimming in a glorious, endless bathtub!

Luxury, privacy, relaxation, fun, beauty…..this is what La Punta is !


Manzanillo is located along the Mexican Pacific Coast and accessed by air at Manzanillo’s Playa de Oro International airport (ZLO), a 30 minute drive north of La Punta.

Manzanillo is 4.5 hours driving south of Puerto Vallarta along the coastal highway 200 and a 3 hour drive from Guadalajara, Jalisco, along well-paved toll roads.

The capital of Colima state, Colima City, is a pleasant one hour drive from Manzanillo along a well-paved four lane toll highway. Along the way, coconut groves and lime orchards line both sides of the highway and makeshift stands sell traditional coconut candies, a variety of melons that grow in abundance, and bags of sea salt, a major export for the state.

Colima city is modern and has many great restaurants and museums to explore. Colima’s twin volcanoes offer visitors lots of photo opportunities as they rise above the city in the distance.
A dusty town outside of the capital, Comala, is a quaint village that has a great view of the volcanoes and a tasty series of restaurants found on the main square offering traditional Mexican tapas with every drink order.

Our desire is to make your vacation a memorable one, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any special requests….Bienvenidos a Manzanillo !

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